About Us

Our family business has been operating in Ivanhoe and surrounding suburbs for over 25 years.   We specialise in water efficient urban irrigation systems with  a  strong focus on excellent customer service.     Our aim is to provide value by optimising  water  efficiency so that urban gardens are watered effectively and without wastage .

As well as being registered with the Plumbing Industry Commission of Vic. (as Urban Irrigation plumbers) we are also experienced and qualified horticulturists .  This makes us uniquely placed to also manage the critical biological relationship between soil, water and plant.

We can add real value to your property and enhance your garden by designing  and installing  a water efficient drip or sprinkler irrigation system - either automatic or manual.   Whether repairing an existing system  or installing a new one we follow current industry standards and practices, and we use only  professional grade irrigation products and fittings  and all our work is guaranteed.